The WIC recognized a need for a new commercial freezer this year.  Although it was a WIC project, donations were also gladly accepted.
Take a peek here.

WIC 2011


2013 WIC Officers

Left to Right: Becky Walsh (Historian), Teresa Quinton (Missions), Linda Vinson (Circle #1 Chairman),
Janice Holbrook (Circle #4 Chairman), Joy Feagins (Hospitality), Glenna McClain (President), Ruth
Rankin (Food Service), Donna Cruise (Vice-President), Pam Ownby (Circle #2 Chairman), Tammy Jones
(Treasurer), Heather Jenkins (Secretary), Melita Denton (Circle #3 Chairman), Not Pictured: Sharon Carrier
(Christian Growth)


The purpose of the Eastern Heights Women in the Church (WIC) organization is to encourage each women to be continually growing in her personal relationship with Jesus Christ. To accomplish this purpose, we have set the following goals:

To be grounded in Scripture. God's Word is the foundation for spiritual growth.

To serve others, using the gifts given by God.

To give and receive encouragement, compassion and caring through supportive relationships.

WIC is composed of the total female membership of our church. The WIC organization is an umbrella that covers circles, weekly Bible studies, retreats, special meetings, etc.

WIC provides a way to integrate the ministry of women with the total ministry of the church. It also serves as a channel for women to be involved in Presbytery and General Assembly ministries, connecting women with other PCA women outside the local church.

WIC is a safe place for women to cultivate nurturing relationships with other women. In this supportive environment, non-Christian women can be presented the Gospel message in the context of love.


The major goal of Eastern Heights WIC is that we be grounded in Scripture, and to this end the focus of the circles that meet regularly is Bible study.

Another goal of WIC is to give and receive encouragement, compassion and caring through supportive relationships. The women keep the fellowship active with each other when they attend a circle, regularly. We understand that some women of the church are unable to attend a circle, but through contact of individual women, (by phone or personal contact), they are still able to participate in the fellowship and encouragement of other women.

Circle Chairmen for 2013

Circle #1 (Thursday - day) Chairman - LInda Vinson
Circle #2 (Tuesday - night) Chairman - Pam Ownby
Circle #3 (Thursday - night) Chairman - Melita Denton
Circle #4 (Tuesday - day) Chairman - Janice Holbrook





In June, the new refrigerator finally arrived.  Here are a few snapshots.